Why FLOg?

FLO-log – a place to share and discuss creative practice and interactive philosophies. 

A Flowing Blog – stream some consciousness, without justification or necessary relevancy.

To Flog – a mental and public flogging of the personal musings. 

UX-FLO_logoThe fact is, I have resisted starting this for some time now, most likely out of avoiding to jump on the “blogging” bandwagon, but this has been a poor substitute for a good reason not to do this. In this end I wanted to create a place that air out the many private and professional discussions that keep coming up over the many years of my career as a designer, manager, leader, and entrepreneur. One fundamental skill of the designer is to recognize patterns, then to strip them down to their essence, and thus transform them into some universal, understandable, and meaningful to others. In this forum I wish to do just that, to share some of the patterns I’ve noticed over the years, and try to distill and extract some useful meaning out of the chaos.
As a short background CV: I started studying physics and engineering at Occidental College, then switched to Art Center College of Design where I graduated with honors in Transportation design. Starting my career at General Motors I was one of the principle designers on the EV-1 electric car. There I picked up Alias technology and started a my first design firm in San Francisco called Alchemy. Then I sold that to frogdesign, became VP of ID there for a short couple of years. With opening Alchemy Labs, we were reaching beyond the digital ID practice into more interactive user experience (UX) and software design, and with all our expertise in 3D digital design it was a logical step to start focusing on designing 3D CAD and animation packages for the likes of Alias, Nemetschek Allplan and Maxon. In our current work at
UX-FLO, we continue to evolve our practice towards creating the entire brand experience (BX) – moving into the strategic marketing of design directly to the customer, crafting all the touch-points of that customer experience (CX).

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