UX-FLO & Alchemy Labs

I would like to introduce you to our two strategic design firms:

UX-FLO B.V. established in Amsterdam and Alchemy Labs Inc. virtually existing in San Francisco. GrayHolland.com is in support of the many reoccurring discussions that deeply interest me – both within my private and professional spheres (if you have ever met me, you know there is lots of overlapping grey area here – no pun completely intended). These two firms give us the professional flexibility to pursue our design practices effectively on two continents (along with our virtual team members in Vienna, Munich, San Francisco, and Amsterdam), bringing to bare the unique experiences and multi-cultural perspectives that we have collected through living in both Europe and North America.



UX-FLO began after stepping down from my role as CDO of Nemetschek Allplan. As part of the evolution of working together for many years,  Kevan Hollenback and I joined forces to be co-directors and co-owners of UX-FLO. We bill out as a team, matching our talents together to produce seamless design services. I take on more of the design leadership role, as well as more high level strategic positioning, as well as financial and client management. Kevan’s role focuses more on design execution and interactive prototyping. We both are involved in all conceptualization stages of design development, and each are the other’s best critique all the way through production.

At the simplest level, what we practice the “art of interaction” and believe in designing optimal user experiences [UX] through streamlining workflow performance [FLO]. We approach design as a process of experiments, step by step:  1] Envisioning,  2] Designing,  3] Testing  and  4] Validating concepts.

We measure out success in our ability to:

     Reduce – to only the essential

     Unify – consistent interactions & interfaces  

     Flow – streamlined performance

In the end we believe that raising the “quality of life” for users translates to the success for our clients.


My firm Alchemy Labs is the long standing Industrial Design entity originally opened in 1993, and reopening again in 2003 after leaving my position as VP at frogdesign (2000 to 2002). In 2009 when I took the CDO position at Nemetschek Allpland, I stepped back into an advisory role for Alchemy, but as of late 2012 I am fully reengaged in reviving the business, connecting out world wide virtual network to deliver talent on two continents. Alchemy has always been concerned with practicing the “art of transformation” for clients like Nike, TiVo, Disney, SGI, Perfect Fitness, BMW, Seiko, Proctor & Gamble, Wham-O, and most recently Pyrex.


Projects are run through whichever business entity makes more sense for our given clients. Please visit either of our respective websites to get more information and to see recent examples of work at:

ux-flo.com and alchemylabs.com


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