Design Hacking – Introduction

XZYdiagramHacking  [ˈhækɪŋ] adj : 

     1. To roughly cut or chop. 

     2. A form of anarchistic activism – driving change without permission. 

     3. A quick and dirty solution too a problem, not perfect or complete, but useful and insightful. 


So in the spirit of these definitions I put forward the concept of the Design Hack. The ideas is a series of charettes exploring “quick & dirty” alternatives to vexing design issues. They are meant to be fast, provocative, and most of all fun – but by no means perfect nor destructive. By their nature they demand dialogue, and I hope that they inspire such discourse in the viewers such as yourself.

The big idea is be proactive and put ourselves out there – as creatives and consumers we take an active role in the world around us. It might be something as trivial as an interface or a product behavior, but every step forward is a step forward, and in my opinion worth taking. Pablo Picasso once said, “Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.” This is the spirit that we undertake this activity.

I hope it leads to some very interesting discourse. At the least I hope you enjoy our explorations, and please share what you would like us to possibly Design Hack next…


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