My Experiencing

A collection of experiences spanning my career.

Webb Interview

This is an excerpt from an interview done for the Webb Schools alumni magazine in 2012. It was an interesting effort given I had to go back and look at how my life was influenced in high school, and to

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MX | part 1 | First Experiences

The follow is a high level overview my design experiences over the past 2 decades:  I hope you find some amusement here in this 4 part series – My Experiences [MX] This design career of mine started when a friend of mine at Occidental

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MX | part 2 | Becoming Amphibious

It was at the peak of the first dot-com bubble. San Francisco was a frenzy of internet start-ups, and if you were not starting one, or in one already – you felt like an idiot. There were kids in the 20′s walking

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MX | part 3 | Experiencing Again

In spite of my successes, it was clear form my limited time there that frog wasn’t the best fit for me or way of working. So I decided to go out on my own again, take the great deal I had learned

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MX | part 4 | Designing Experience

The Lighthaus project was very compelling for Allplan, and as a result Peter asked me to join the team in Munich in order to help make these new ideas a reality. So I asked to him, “make me an offer

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