A Series Approach:

Sunday Morning 9:17 am: 

As I stared at my long list of subjects I plan to write about, a pattern started to emerge. The more I stared the more they coalesced into a discreet set of themes. Finally I realized that these themes are born out of years of my staring at the issues surrounding design and product development. I believe at the center of my repeating patterns are clues that point at new ways of thinking, approaching, and maybe even solving repeating problems. So with this revelation, I have decided to organize the FLOg in a collection of “series” that speak these themes. The short theme list is as follows:

Experience Cycling – A series on understanding, crafting, and marketing a total customer experience.

Design Hacking – A series of charettes exploring “quick & dirty” alternatives to vexing design issues.

Agile Everything – A series exploring methodologies to design-develop-deploy for the Innovation Age.

Age of Innovating – A series about the trajectory of our social/economic evolution and its ramifications.

Form & Meaning – A series building on top of my earlier work on The Periodical Table of Form.

Failing & Fixing – A series concerning business culture and the counter intuitive nature of our neurology.

Interviewing Experience – A series of interviews with people who shape our consumer experiences.

What I want to do with this FLOg is explore the territory around these themes, delving deeply to try to reveal the nuance What we do and Why we do it, and How it can be different. Design is just the medium with which I chose to paint the subject matter, but I believe the context is ubiquitous and universal. I hope you will check in periodically to see how these musing start to shape up.

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